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What is Education Not Deportation/ End Program??


Education Not Deportation (END) is a national program designed to help stop the removal proceedings (deportation) of immigrants who are not a treat to the nation. Until the current administration grants undocumented immigrants ‘administrative relief,’ hundreds of thousands of undocumented individuals are in danger of being deported and being torn apart of their family.
North Texas Dream Team, an affiliate of the United We Dream, is prepared to work to help prevent another undocumented immigrant from being removed (deported).
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What is the END Program?
A: The END is a national program, an effort by multiple volunteer organizations with the help of congressional and lawyer contacts, designed to help stop the removal proceedings (deportation) of undocumented individuals who are not a treat to the nation. You submit your case to our national organization, United We Dream, at END Program. From here, cases are sent to an affiliate organization in your area to start the campaign for your removal proceeding (deportation) case.
2. How do you help stop removal proceedings (deportations)?
A: In short? We don’t. The decision is made by ICE, DOJ, or the immigration judge overseeing your case. What the END program does is bring awareness to your case through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, etc.), press conferences, and other outlets so that various communities come together in support for you, and in opposition to your deportation. Also help find an attorney and helps over see the case. To prevent an exhaustive list, it is best you get in contact with the END Coordinator for the North Texas Dream Team, or for your nearest affiliate, if you are not in the north Texas area.
3. I am in removal (deportation) proceedings; can you take my case?
A: Perhaps. We can’t take on every deportation case, and your case will be different from that of another person. After review by the National Coordinating Committee, the affiliate is given the go-ahead to start working on a case. This is not meant to discourage you from submitting your case, and once you give us more details by submitting your case, you will be contacted and your case, reviewed.
*DISCLAIMER* — Very Important; Please Read
The North Texas Dream Team (NTDT) is a volunteer organization. Many of us are college students or young professionals, and not lawyers. We cannot provide you with legal advice, legal representation, or answer questions specific to your case. 100% of the time, we advice you to contact an immigration lawyer to handle your case. If your case is selected on which to operate an END program, we will work in partnership with your lawyer. This isn’t to say you should rush in finding a lawyer — do your research. ICE detention centers provide lists of lawyers, including a list of free (pro-bono) or low-cost lawyers.